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A Delicious (yet Healthy- sshhh!) Side Dish

   So on Monday I fixed some chicken and dumplings, which is one of my bunches’ faves! I fix different sides to round this out, usually some fried squash or fried okra (I live in the South, okay? Nuff’ said.) However, this time I had been craving a side dish I hadn’t had in a long time, green beans and new potatoes cooked with some smoked ham over the top. So, into the crock pot went the ingredients and 5 hours later we were having some yummy lunch!



   So I started with a bag of fresh green beans, about 8 very small red new potatoes, 3oz of Hormel Cherrywood smoked ham (in the brown cardboard package, no nitrates), 1/2 to 3/4 cup chicken broth (mine was pulled out of the freezer from a batch I had made), 1Tbsp minced garlic (I use the jar) , a good dash of salt (sorry, didn’t measure, I taste tested about 45 minutes before we ate and had to add more), and about 2Tbsp dried minced onion. 

DSC_0049 - Copy

   I forgot to take pics of my potatoes and ham as I was chopping, but the potatoes were small so I just halved them, if they were bigger I would dice into bite-size pieces. The ham I chopped very fine.

DSC_0052 - Copy


  I tossed the trimmed, chopped green beans, the halved potatoes and the chopped ham into the slow cooker (which I had sprayed with cooking spray). Then I topped with the onions, garlic and ham and slowly poured the broth around the edges. Cooked on low for about 5 hours (your slow cooker may vary).




   This was so good, and it was very quick prep, will be making it this way again. Hope all have a wonderful Wednesday!! And may you always enjoy the beautiful things around you that God put there just for you! 


Weekly Meal Planners

Weekly Meal Planner- Week of 8/2 through 8/8

   Okay so I am kicking off my addition of including my meal planners onto my blog. I know a lot of people like to see them (I know I love searching them for ideas!)

   I have been meal planning since I got married, it just makes it easier to grocery shop and to save money by always having food on hand to eat at home, instead of spending a ton dining out.

  Now that being said, I do not always stick to everything on the planner, and I do not plan a specific meal for a specific night. I come up with 6 or 7 dinners, make my list and that way I have everything for those meals at least. 

  This particular week I am also doing some freezer cooking, in preparation for back to school/work. I have been freezer cooking for years, off and on. It is not as complicated as some may make it look, and it is such a time saver for busy weeks.

So here’s what my clan will be noshing on this upcoming week:

1. French Dip sandwiches and homemade potato wedges ***

2. Lasagna (this was from a previous freezer cooking prep) and Garlic bread

3. BBQ Pork on Bun, pork & beans, and corn on the cob  ***

4. Tuna sandwiches and veggies with dip

5. Sloppy Joe’s and Sweet Potato Fries

6. Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast

7. French Bread Pizza

Meals that have *** to the side are Crock Pot meals I really love cooking in my slow cooker all year round and most weeks at least a few dinners start in the crock pot.

  Also, if I plan a meal using hamburger buns, I try to make another meal using them, as there are 4 of us, so 2 meals uses the entire package without any waste. 

  Have a Blessed day!!