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Life Long Friends and Cake

honey bun edit1

   Honey Buns- I do love me a good cinnamon-y, warm, gooey honey bun! This cake here, it’s even better than a honey bun!

   I discovered this recipe about a year ago and let me tell you- every time I make it, it disappears like speedy fast.

   The blog where it came from is a wonderful, homey place. I am including the link to her recipe, where you can look around her blog.

   One of the best things about this recipe is the ingredients are staples, so I can whip it up last minute! I’ve made a few for auctions and they always do well.

honey bun edit 6

How could you go wrong with all that cinnamon and brown sugar swirled into a tender cake?? I mean…..just look at that!

   Okay, so let’s talk about that cake pan for a minute. It’s not one of my beautiful, new-fangled, fancy cake pans. It’s 22 years old, it’s kinda bent up, it’s not pretty but I love it because it means a lot to me.

   I got married 22 years ago and my best friend in the world bought that for me for my wedding shower. And I think about her every time I get it out.  I am so glad to have a friend that I can always count on and whom I love dearly.

   Okay, now back to that cake! Here’s the final result:

honey bun edit 7

You see it’s already being devoured? I had to act fast to snap a pic! Now as a disclaimer- this is not what I consider “real food”, but like I’ve stated before, I strive for 50-75% “real food”overall. I mean I am a realist….and I do love cake!

   I hope you enjoy this cake like me and my family do. Have a blessed weekend!

  It’s dreary and rainy here, so looks like I’ll be working in the shop and around the house today. I’d love to hear back from y’all!