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Coupon Crazy!

Who doesn’t love a great deal? Using coupons is a great way to score some major savings!

I’ve been couponing pretty much my entire life. When I was a kid my mom was a super couponer before it was chic. I’d go with her and watch her buy a buggy of groceries for amazing deals. I loved the idea of saving money from a very early age.

Once I had my own family, and was young and broke, I knew coupons would help me stretch my small budget. Once I got the hang of it, I was hooked.

I’ve been a couponer myself for over twenty years now. I’ve saved countless money over those years. I’ve also learned a lot of tricks and tips.

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Here is a recent purchase, with a negative subtotal! I love it when that happens. Razors is a staple that is easy to stockpile.

Here’s a few tips for beginning couponing:

  1. Know your stores’ coupon policy. Most are accessible online and can be printed and stored in a binder. Always follow the policies.
  2.  Stay organized! There are several methods for keeping your coupons organized. Choose a method and get going!
  3. Get social! Join Facebook groups, follow blogs, Instagram couponers, and local fellow couponers. We love to share deals we find! This is vital to seeing what deals are going on.
  4. Don’t feel like you need to catch every single deal! It will take a few misses before you get it down. I even have scenarios all worked out, then something goes wrong. It happens, just don’t let it deter you.

Stay tuned for more great coupon deals, trip hauls, and ways to become a super couponer!

I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead! May God bless you!


Thankful for Life-Long Friends, Shopping Trips and Food!

So here where I live we have “Deer Day”, which is a day off school so everyone can hunt the opening Monday of deer season. I know, it sounds a bit redneck, but around here most of us hunt and eat deer meat. That’s what was for supper last night at my house, my son killed a nice buck and my hubby butchered it and we had fresh deer tenderloins with some mashed potatoes and biscuits. (I know, not very healthy- but it is like a twice a year dinner we have)

Since I do not hunt, but just prepare and eat the delicious meat, I am off to go shopping with one of my besties since 4th grade. Yeah! Now we live in a very rural area, it takes me half an hour to get to the closest Walmart, so when we go off the “city” the first thing this chunky girl starts thinking, is where are we gonna eat today? So many yummy choices, how will we ever decide? LOL

I have on my mind going to the Goodwill there, because in the past I have scored some great stuff there. There are also a few good “junk” stores, which I would love to hit today, also. I am getting excited about Christmas, but I know better than to start shopping too early- I end up overbuying when I try to. I wait until closer, so when I say we’re done- I won’t be tempted to go buy more.

So having a great friend like mine is great, she and I don’t talk a lot, or see each other but a handful of times a year, but when we get together, we are those chatty junior high girls again, if just for a while. When our kids were younger we got together with the kids. Then as they’ve gotten older, we decided it was all about us. So we meet up and spend the day being a little selfish, although we both end up picking up stuff for our sweet kids before the day is up. It is a nice feeling that we still connect after all these years. In life, we all need those connections, and when we find them, we have to hold on to them.  Family is not always about being blood related, Diana is my sister, through and through.

Okay so off to find something to wear!! I hope all have a Blessed day! Write one of your good friends a text, or better yet- drop them an old-fashioned card in the mail, I still love getting mail!! God Bless!!