Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday!

So another beautiful week here in the Ozarks, along with some great frugal fashion!

The featured outfit this week is one of my faves, just because it is very casual and comfortable! I have a lot of clothing that gets worn very little not because it doesn’t fit or that it is out of style, just simply it is too fancy (which for me is almost anything but uniforms and jeans and t-shirts!)


So here I have a pair of jeans (from last year- you know good and “broke” in) paired with a long sleeved Eddie Bauer tiny pocket T-shirt under a great “army” style jacket from Old Navy. I threw on my fave scarf that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas year before last.

So, the jeans were bought new last year for around $25 and the shirt and jacket were my thrifted finds. Scarf was a gift (as most of mine are- friends and family know I love them- but don’t feel they are practical enough to actually buy). So the tally total for this week is a whopping $34.00, not including shoes, which were not in this pic, sorry!

I hope all are having a fabulous week and have a even more fabulous weekend! We have our schools homecoming tonight, which I am so excited about (every year!) then tomorrow we have our annual Rush Family Hayride and bonfire after. My husbands’ family has a farm that has been in his family for at least 5 generations that we gather at, go for a “backroad” hayride, then roast hotdogs and marshmallows and of coarse have some deer chili with meat the boys have hunted. I always bring along a camera and snap pics of everything- so stay tuned for that!  God bless!!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion of the Week

So, I know, it’s not Friday- I am just no good with deadlines! Sorry- but none the less- here we are!

So my frugal fashion for the week is:


This super cute top was a Goodwill find, paired with jeans that my daughter found for $7.00 at a yard sale for me. I have a tank top underneath that was also a thrift store find (a Lands’ End NWT- Yeah!)  The boots however were a WalMart find last year and I have worn them nearly to death, they were $24.97 I believe. So total is higher this week because I am including my shoes (which I normally do not). Total is $38.97 for this outfit.

Here was another find from this week:


These cute boots were new with the tags at a yard sale for $3.00- yeah me!! I think they’ll look great for this winter!

On another frugal note- I just sent off my final payment on my furniture I bought in February, I had it financed with 12 months no interest, so haven’t had to pay any interest at all!  I love to take advantage of these offers when I know I can fully pay off before any interest will be charged. We had to break down and buy a mower in June, which we got at Home Depot, they also had a 12 months no interest, so now I got to tackle that one before June! (which I will)

Hope all have a Blessed day!! Rejoice in what the Lord has blessed you with, for it is only through Him that we enjoy such a great life!!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday!!

Okay so I am changing the day up a bit- but will still feature those frugal fashion finds as always! So here goes the frugal fashion for the week:


This super cute shirt was purchases at the Goodwill store, paired with a super cute infinity scarf that my awesome coworkers got me last year for my birthday. The jeans I am wearing are a pair my daughter found at a thrift store for me, they were 7 bucks.

So total for this look is $10.50, a great bargain!

I also got my hair chopped off and it feels much better and takes me half the time to fix, and I think it looks pretty cute this way. So Win-Win!

Well off to another day of fabulous school nursing, love all “my” kiddos!! Hope all have a wonderfully joy filled day!! May you enjoy all the blessings God sends your way!!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Sunday- Looking Great for Less!!

So here is another week of my frugal fashion finds- I have to say that I have been out and about lately and have been trying to avoid doing any shopping (besides food/household). My closet is packed to the gills and my craft project list (uncompleted projects I have everything for) is a mile long! So I am trying to stay out of the stores, we shall see for how long I can hold out!


So here are my wonderful khaki pants once again, here paired with a really cute Susan Graver top, and no jewelry, just a simple work outfit. I got a ton of compliments on this shirt, and I love the bright colors.

Have a thrifty and content week wherever you may be! God Bless!

Weekly Meal Planners

Weekly Dinner Planner- Week of 9/14 through 9/20


Okay, so here’s to another hectic week! We have been running quite a lot but have tried to stick with some meal planning. Meal planning is so hard when you add in odd work hours (our daughter), sports (our son) and me and the hubs working and running a business at the same time! But we somehow manage to eat at home most of the time, even it is just a sandwich or leftover casserole heated back up.

So for this week we are going to try to stick to the plan, and here it is:

1. Hot Turkey and Swiss sandwiches with honey glazed baby carrots (today)

2. Cheeseburger Buns and Chips

3. Tator Tot Casserole (I found the recipe on Pinterest that the Duggers use and we love it!) Find it here:

4. French Dip Sandwiches and potato wedges (meat filling prepared in slow cooker)

5. Chicken Tacos’ or Taco Salad and Spanish Rice

6. Upside Down Pizza Casserole

7. Grab something quick for some Friday Night Football!

So for the Mini subs- here is what I did- Placed 6 Kings’ Hawaiian Rolls into a 9×13 pan sprayed with cooking spray. Drizzle with melted butter, top with a generous amount of shaved smoked deli turkey, top with 1 whole slice swiss each sandwich. (I used about 3/4 lb meat for 6 sandwiches)


Drizzle a bit more melted butter over these- place in 400* oven for a few minutes (til cheese is melted). Top with other bun (top) and a little brown spicy mustard and honey, if you like, then cover with aluminum foil and bake for 10 minutes at 400*. I served this with some honey glazed baby carrots.


These are always a big hit with my bunch, and I do change up the meats and cheeses,too. We like honey ham with sharp cheddar, or roast beef with swiss or provolone. This is super quick to throw together and super tasty!

Have a Blessed week!! God blesses us each and every one daily, we just have to open our eyes and see the many blessings right in front of us. God is Great!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion of the Week- Busy moms can still look cute for less!

   So life has been very busy as of late, we have 20 baby puppies right now (4 of our mammas had litters a week apart). So I have been surrounded by cuddly babies and busy keeping them all cared for as well as their mammas and daddies! The hubs has also been having to work a lot of overtime, so life is crazy!

   But hey, that’s no reason not to look cute for less! So here is this weeks’ look:



   So here is my frugal fashion find of the week- these cute white shorts have been on here before, but this time I paired them with a lands end striped navy tank and a cute 3/4 sleeve printed cardigan. The look is completed by a dollar beaded bracelet I got at the dollar jewelry store and a pair of earrings I found on clearance at walmart for $3. So the total cost of this outfit is $15 with the jewelry. Not too shabby for great look! 

   ** Just a not, most prices for clothes are $4 for shorts/dress pants, $5 for jeans (unless otherwise noted), $3.50 for tops, this is because most of the thrift stores in the area price pretty close to this. 

  On another note- my good friend found an authentic Louis Vuitton handbag (in excellent condition) the other day for a whopping $1, so always keep your eyes peeled because you never know when or where you can find a treasure for cheap!!

   I hope all have a very Blessed week and I hope we get the cooler weather they are calling for!! God Bless!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion- Maybe a day late, but NOT a dollar short!!

   Okay friends, so I am behind on this for the week, and not because I didn’t have the time, but because I was being a bit lazy over the long weekend. Sorry about that! (I did enjoy slowing down a bit, if only for one afternoon). 



   So here we have a pair of khaki’s ,which I have had for awhile (found at Goodwill new with the tags) paired with a navy undershirt and a really cute, bright yellow/green lightweight sweater type shirt. That cute necklace was a birthday gift several years ago and the bracelet is a dollar jewelry store find for a buck. So total cost of the outfit was a whopping $12! That wouldn’t have paid for just the shirt alone if bought new at the store.

   Now I do occasionally shop in a “real” store and find some great deals too, just not as often. For me, retail shops try to entice me into buying more things and for a bigger price, which is why I just try to avoid them when I can.

   Hope all have a fabulous week filled with blessings! God bless!!


Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Sunday

   Okay so here we are for Frugal Fashion this week. This week I am showing a dress I found earlier in the summer for $4. It was originally from the Dress Barn and was probably quite expensive. I bought it for the 4th of July week, since it was red, navy, and cream colored.


My little yorkie Fiona was excited to be part of my frugal fashion this week. My daughter is my wonderful photographer, and I am thankful to have her help. 

  I just love finding great deals and sharing them with you. I also love that I spend a fraction on my clothing and still look good (I think, anyways). It is also a blessing to see my children look for bargains and shop frugally. Knowing that I have instilled in them a desire to save money is a great feeling. 

   I would love to hear ways you are content with less. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world and have a Blessed week!!

Thrifty Fashion

Thrifty Fashion- Looking Great while Spending Less!!!


   Okay so this is something new I am adding to my blog: each Sunday I will show you an outfit that was bought at thrift store/Goodwill/ yard sale/etc. 

   I would estimate that 70% of my clothing comes from thrift stores/yard sales. I just find great deals and why pay full price when you can look cute and save a bunch of money? Exactly!


 So here you have a super cute pair of white shorts ( Liz Claiborne) and a top by Rose & Olive. Those super cute white hoop earrings were from Avon about 20-something years ago, and the silver bangle bracelets were a great WalMart find for just 5 bucks. 

   So the total price of this outfit (with jewelry, except not the earrings- because I have no idea how much my mother paid for them when I was like 12, but I would say she has gotten her moneys’ worth on them!) is a whopping $13! 

  I love saving money! I would love to hear ways you find contentment in your life. This is one of mine. Have a Blessed day!!