Crafty Fun

From Trash to Treasure- Ways to Organize That Won’t Cost You a Fortune!

So we all have that craft area that desperately needs to be more organized, but who wants to spend all their money on items to organize? Not me, which is why I try to use “found” items that work for storage solutions.

Here a great 1st grade teacher I work with knew how much I hate things to be wasted- she brought me these 2 nifty containers! (They were the boxes to some educational puzzles she was using- but didn’t want them in these containers)


Now these are hat box style boxes with the lids that just lift off the top, these had strings, which I removed from them. I them just used a craft type spray paint in a bright aqua color.


Now I used these cute chalk board label stickers I got at Michaels’, but a word of warning- I had to use hot glue for them to stay put. The stickers although cute- do not have a strong enough adhesive to hold them onto anything that isn’t flat. Also- I use a white craft pen to write on these, the chalk smudges too much.


The final outcome is a super  cute! I will store craft supplies inside and stack these on a shelf. They will not only serve a function, but will look adorable in doing so. And I already had the paint and stickers from another project, so no cost really.

Have a wonderfully joy filled day! It is raining here and pretty cool- so Deer Chili is in the slow cooker and I am off to my sweet kiddos at school! God Bless!