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Spring Around the Homestead

  Spring is here! This is a busy time around the homestead, getting ready for gardens and harvesting, new baby animals and weather too darn pretty to be indoors!

spring post1

  We’ve been bottle feeding a few calves, breaking up the garden, planting a few things, burning out the fence rows, and just generally being outdoors enjoying the weather.


I painted these cute rocks for my potted herb plants. I also made some for my garden, for when all the plants go in. I just painted the rocks, used a fat Sharpie to write on them, then added a coat of spray on clear sealer. I loved quick simple projects that turn out cute!

spring post 5

Here are my two bottle babies! These guys are cute, and I do love caring for them, but I know that come fall, one of them will be feeding my family. Growing your own food can be hard, but knowing what goes into what you eat is an awesome feeling too.

spring post 3

Here’s my son, burning off sections of the fence row. We do this to keep the fences cleaned up, and to reduce ticks and fleas. The fields get burned off too. It just gets rid of the old/dead stuff and makes the grass come back fresh and green. When this gets done we are careful to watch the weather (no wind!) and usually burn off after a good rain, when things are dried out, but not too dry. And of coarse, always having some water nearby.


I hope all are having a fabulous Saturday! The weather is beautiful here, and I’m fixing to head out and work on my chicken coop!

What are ways you get ready for spring? I’d love to hear back from you! I’ll be in the jam making mode in a few weeks, as strawberries are starting to come off. Stay tuned for a jam-session!



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New Baby Bunnies!!

Such exciting news- we have baby bunnies! Now these are not from our only female bunny-no,no,no. You see we are still awaiting those little critters anyday now.

These baby bunnies (hidden in their nest):


came from a farm a few minutes away from ours. A lady who raises these really didn’t have the space for this momma and her babies- so she now resides in my barn!

This will make up for the “2 females” I was supposed to have anyways!

I know some people would be squeamish thinking about butchering and eating such cute animals- but we know that rabbits make an excellent food source for a very economic price. I think baby cows/lambs/pigs are cute too, but still love a juicy burger/ leg of lamb/ or delicious grilled pork chop. Raising meat rabbits is more about the economics for me, feeding my family real, fresh food with no hormones or additives for a price I can afford.


Here is a pic of one of the babies- while being transferred into the nesting box.

Country living is simply the best! And on another good note- I am starting to feel less like a zombie and more human (tick fever is rough!).

Have a blessed evening!!