Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday!!!

NO tricks here- just finding great deals that look fabulous! The weather here has been on the warm side, but expecting a cool down starting today. I am ready to be able to wear some of my cute fall clothes without burning up. The temps have been around the mid-eighties here, not exactly boot and sweater weather!

So here is my super cute frugal fashion of the week:


I have some of my $7 jeans (which by the way are Hydraulic- which I hear is a pretty good name brand?) paired with a cute striped lightweight sweater (Coldwater Creek brand). This sweater still had the tag marked $69.99, which I about died when I saw, who in the world would ever pay that? I paid $3.50 at the local Goodwill instead. To finish off this look I am once again wearing my trusty brown boots from walmart, they were around 30 bucks last year.

So for a total for this cool weather look is a whopping $40, including the boots. Yeah!

So go forth and put your best self forward, just don’t pay too much to make said self look fabulous! I am ready for some Friday night football with my favorite team, our local Bearkatz!! Hope all have a wonderful weekend filled with loved ones. It’s fall- enjoy this beautiful time of year God has given us! God Bless!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Sunday- Looking Great for Less!!

So here is another week of my frugal fashion finds- I have to say that I have been out and about lately and have been trying to avoid doing any shopping (besides food/household). My closet is packed to the gills and my craft project list (uncompleted projects I have everything for) is a mile long! So I am trying to stay out of the stores, we shall see for how long I can hold out!


So here are my wonderful khaki pants once again, here paired with a really cute Susan Graver top, and no jewelry, just a simple work outfit. I got a ton of compliments on this shirt, and I love the bright colors.

Have a thrifty and content week wherever you may be! God Bless!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Sunday

   Okay so here we are for Frugal Fashion this week. This week I am showing a dress I found earlier in the summer for $4. It was originally from the Dress Barn and was probably quite expensive. I bought it for the 4th of July week, since it was red, navy, and cream colored.


My little yorkie Fiona was excited to be part of my frugal fashion this week. My daughter is my wonderful photographer, and I am thankful to have her help. 

  I just love finding great deals and sharing them with you. I also love that I spend a fraction on my clothing and still look good (I think, anyways). It is also a blessing to see my children look for bargains and shop frugally. Knowing that I have instilled in them a desire to save money is a great feeling. 

   I would love to hear ways you are content with less. Thanks for visiting my little corner of the world and have a Blessed week!!

Thrifty Fashion

Thrifty Fashion- Looking Great while Spending Less!!!


   Okay so this is something new I am adding to my blog: each Sunday I will show you an outfit that was bought at thrift store/Goodwill/ yard sale/etc. 

   I would estimate that 70% of my clothing comes from thrift stores/yard sales. I just find great deals and why pay full price when you can look cute and save a bunch of money? Exactly!


 So here you have a super cute pair of white shorts ( Liz Claiborne) and a top by Rose & Olive. Those super cute white hoop earrings were from Avon about 20-something years ago, and the silver bangle bracelets were a great WalMart find for just 5 bucks. 

   So the total price of this outfit (with jewelry, except not the earrings- because I have no idea how much my mother paid for them when I was like 12, but I would say she has gotten her moneys’ worth on them!) is a whopping $13! 

  I love saving money! I would love to hear ways you find contentment in your life. This is one of mine. Have a Blessed day!!