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It’s Back!! Frugal Fashion Friday- 8/21/15

Okay so with back to school I will try to get back into the swing of things! So here goes another round of Frugal Fashion Friday!!

My daughter started working at a local bank, so she needed some dressier clothing. She went and bought a pair of dress pants (for like $30) but still needed more.

Leave it to cheap-o mom to the rescue!! We took a hundred bucks and came home with tons of great “new” clothing! She loves thrift shopping as much as her momma!!


Here we have this adorable outfit- total cost? A whopping $5.50!

She found this top at Goodwill for $3.50, what a deal! But wait- those super awesome pants were a find at Salvation Army and they were half price to boot (normally $4, sale $2).

I will share more of our shopping trips in the weeks to come! We are just a frugal, thrift loving family!!

I hope all are having a marvelous week, I know I am! My baby boy turns 17 today, wow! I am truly a very blessed lady and I give all the glory to God! He blesses me much more than I ever deserve and I thank Him daily for it.

Have a wonderful weekend- God Bless!!

Frugal Living/ Budgeting

Time for some Mid-Year Updates!

Okay so we are about halfway through 2015 already, so time to re-evaluate my yearly goals and see where I am at. As I said back in December, I try to shy away from “resolutions” and instead make myself a yearly goal list along with “mapping out” how to attain those goals.

In the eating more healthy part of my yearly goals: I have achieved a few small changes this year and although haven’t lost a ton of weight, I am establishing new healthier habits, so I feel good about that. A few changes I have made: not drinking soda on a daily basis, drinking my coffee black in the morning (no more creamer and sugar), I am eating at least 5 servings of fruits/veggies on at least 4 days a week, and I am trying different foods more often. Baby steps!!

In the financial part, where I had set more goals for this year, I am head above water, so to speak. I have paid off 2 small credit cards and am in the process of re-financing my home to a lower interest rate and consolidating the 2 major credit cards that have been a huge hurdle for me. I will be very happy to have this done and to cancel those accounts out for good! I try to stress to both my children, no credit cards! Once you have a bigger amount of debt, it becomes a burden and is very hard to ever get paid off. I have also taken on more financial debt as my son needed braces. We are also in the midst of wedding planning with our daughter, we will be gaining an awesome new son-in-law and are very happy for them.

So far this year I have been unable to switch back to the “cash only” or envelope budget method, and haven’t really been focused on it. I would still like to re-focus and get it down, because our weekly spending is just crazy! We don’t really follow a weekly “budget” per se, and it is really burning money up quick! I am not going to lie, July is looking quite busy with running- so I am going to plan for August to be the month I get back on board with the cash only weekly budget system. Fingers crossed I can get my hubby on board and we can really focus and get on track with it! I know it would work- it’s just a matter of sticking with it. It’s breaking a bad habit, which is just spending without really knowing how much until it’s too late.

I know that come the end of this year I will be able to cross off most of my list, and that makes it all worth it! I am not a money guru, I just have to take it step-by-step and try to get better with financial decisions.

How about you, how are you doing with goals you may have set for the year? I would love to hear from you! I hope all have a very blessed weekend! Happy Independence Day to you and yours!

Frugal Living/ Budgeting

Update on Yearly Budgeting/Finances

So I am going to be honest, switching back to the cash only budget is going to be tough! I have still not got it down as of yet, but still attempting. I know it seems like it should be easy, but I am just so used to using my debit for everything. A new week, another chance to get it right!

I have paid off my furniture account! Yeah! I had also been stressing over getting my lawn mower paid off before any interest would accrue, and my sweet hubby reminded me we had 24 months, not 12- with no interest. That was a great relief, I will for sure be able to get that one tackled without paying any interest. Again, if you can pay off those “No Interest” for so many months BEFORE the date, it’s a great way to shop. Otherwise, if you pay it just one day after the last day, they add interest from the entire time period (6 months, 12 months,etc). So a large sum of money gets added to the amount you owe, all at once. I like to take advantage of those deals, but only when I know it will be paid off without the added interest.

I am feeling very optimistic for the remainder of the year, feeling like I can get a lot of financial goals accomplished. Being “good” with money is just not in me, I really have to work to stick to good decisions. I wish it was just as easy as writing out a planner, because I am great at that!

On another non-budgeting note, I have not had a soda in 6 days! Yeah me! (for those that know me, I was addicted to diet mt dew) I have been drinking water mostly, but have added Orange Zinger Tea, which I really like.

Happy Tuesday to you! And may you find the blessings that God puts in your path today!

Frugal Living/ Budgeting

Help! I am Addicted to my Debit Card!!

Okay so regression would be where I am at with the cash only system. This past week was so crazy busy, I just used my debit for everything, and big surprise- spent more than I had planned.

See, I hate to admit this, but on the weekends, I just swipe away, and look at my balance Monday morning (or Tuesday morning-oops!) Then when I see how much we actually spent (past tense) there is nothing I can do but complain.

So we start another week, and I am going to try very hard to make it work this time danggit! I know from past experience it works if you commit to it, it’s just the darn committing that is so hard. But I am determined to get my budget under control, I will be the little engine that could- I think I can, I think I can!! (Maybe it should be I know I can, I know I can!!)

As I was typing my heading I accidentally misspelled debit, omitting the i, which made it the word debt. It made me think, yes the money I spend from my debit card comes directly out of my checking account, but if the money I spent was more than was allotted for that particular expense, in a way it is a “debt” towards the expense it was intended for. I loathe debt, so maybe if I set my mindset that overspending is really creating debt I can get a hold of this whole cash only system. Gonna give it another shot this week, wish me luck!

I am hoping all are having a wonderful week so far, mine has been busy but wonderful! God really blesses me and I am thankful for my blessings daily!  May when you count your blessings they be many! God bless and have a terrific rest of the week!

Frugal Living/ Budgeting

Budget Update for 2015, Thus Far!

So one of my goals for 2015 was to get back to the “cash envelope” system, to stay on budget better. Let me just start by saying, sticking to a budget that is less than you are used to is very difficult (duh!) and I have made zero progress thus far!

This past week I took out my budgeted money, bought gas for both vehicles and groceries and household items, but then we were out of cash! (and we still wanted to go out for dinner and go bowling with friends- which we did- using our debit card.) So I am still going to be trying to stick to a budget, but may have to re-think the amount.

I haven’t gotten the chance to pay off any debt yet, as it is only January, but am hoping to have another credit card account paid off next month (fingers crossed!)

DSC_0037 I even got a cute new wallet for Christmas,                  to kick off my “cash only” budget! Just have to put more effort into it and get it working!

I have other exciting news- my daughter got engaged to a wonderful man and they are planning for a September wedding. I can’t wait to see my beautiful daughter walking down the aisle!

I hope all have a blessed week ahead! It is warm and sunny here (a vast improvement from weeks past) and I have been out enjoying it. Remember to leave a legacy of kindness, God Bless!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday!

So another beautiful week here in the Ozarks, along with some great frugal fashion!

The featured outfit this week is one of my faves, just because it is very casual and comfortable! I have a lot of clothing that gets worn very little not because it doesn’t fit or that it is out of style, just simply it is too fancy (which for me is almost anything but uniforms and jeans and t-shirts!)


So here I have a pair of jeans (from last year- you know good and “broke” in) paired with a long sleeved Eddie Bauer tiny pocket T-shirt under a great “army” style jacket from Old Navy. I threw on my fave scarf that my mother-in-law got me for Christmas year before last.

So, the jeans were bought new last year for around $25 and the shirt and jacket were my thrifted finds. Scarf was a gift (as most of mine are- friends and family know I love them- but don’t feel they are practical enough to actually buy). So the tally total for this week is a whopping $34.00, not including shoes, which were not in this pic, sorry!

I hope all are having a fabulous week and have a even more fabulous weekend! We have our schools homecoming tonight, which I am so excited about (every year!) then tomorrow we have our annual Rush Family Hayride and bonfire after. My husbands’ family has a farm that has been in his family for at least 5 generations that we gather at, go for a “backroad” hayride, then roast hotdogs and marshmallows and of coarse have some deer chili with meat the boys have hunted. I always bring along a camera and snap pics of everything- so stay tuned for that!  God bless!!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday!!

Okay so I am changing the day up a bit- but will still feature those frugal fashion finds as always! So here goes the frugal fashion for the week:


This super cute shirt was purchases at the Goodwill store, paired with a super cute infinity scarf that my awesome coworkers got me last year for my birthday. The jeans I am wearing are a pair my daughter found at a thrift store for me, they were 7 bucks.

So total for this look is $10.50, a great bargain!

I also got my hair chopped off and it feels much better and takes me half the time to fix, and I think it looks pretty cute this way. So Win-Win!

Well off to another day of fabulous school nursing, love all “my” kiddos!! Hope all have a wonderfully joy filled day!! May you enjoy all the blessings God sends your way!!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Sunday- Looking Great for Less!!

So here is another week of my frugal fashion finds- I have to say that I have been out and about lately and have been trying to avoid doing any shopping (besides food/household). My closet is packed to the gills and my craft project list (uncompleted projects I have everything for) is a mile long! So I am trying to stay out of the stores, we shall see for how long I can hold out!


So here are my wonderful khaki pants once again, here paired with a really cute Susan Graver top, and no jewelry, just a simple work outfit. I got a ton of compliments on this shirt, and I love the bright colors.

Have a thrifty and content week wherever you may be! God Bless!