Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday 11/7/14

Here we are to another glorious Friday! So here is another great fashion find for you!

This weeks’ featured outfit is this gem:


I know, I know, you guys are tired of the boots and jeans! Sorry- I am such a creature of habit! I do own other shoes/boots and pants/skirts but these are just my fave!

So here we have my $7 jeans paired with a cute printed top (thrift store) under a lightweight jacket I found at Deb while shopping a “real” store with my daughter. It was $7 on the markdown rack- yeah! So total was around $47 bucks with my trusty boots included!

The weather is supposed to be getting rather chilly- so I will be layering a bit more and maybe even breaking out my boots with the fur. I am quite excited for the colder weather- will put me in a baking and cooking mood. Love to “warm up the kitchen” by baking some cookies- hehe!

I hope you all have a Blessed weekend! Go spend time with people who make you happy! And on that note- be a person who makes someone happy! God Bless!!

Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion of the Week

So, I know, it’s not Friday- I am just no good with deadlines! Sorry- but none the less- here we are!

So my frugal fashion for the week is:


This super cute top was a Goodwill find, paired with jeans that my daughter found for $7.00 at a yard sale for me. I have a tank top underneath that was also a thrift store find (a Lands’ End NWT- Yeah!)  The boots however were a WalMart find last year and I have worn them nearly to death, they were $24.97 I believe. So total is higher this week because I am including my shoes (which I normally do not). Total is $38.97 for this outfit.

Here was another find from this week:


These cute boots were new with the tags at a yard sale for $3.00- yeah me!! I think they’ll look great for this winter!

On another frugal note- I just sent off my final payment on my furniture I bought in February, I had it financed with 12 months no interest, so haven’t had to pay any interest at all!  I love to take advantage of these offers when I know I can fully pay off before any interest will be charged. We had to break down and buy a mower in June, which we got at Home Depot, they also had a 12 months no interest, so now I got to tackle that one before June! (which I will)

Hope all have a Blessed day!! Rejoice in what the Lord has blessed you with, for it is only through Him that we enjoy such a great life!!