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Keto Freezer Meal Prepping!!

So I follow a low carb/Keto diet and have lost 35 pounds (still have about 50 to go).  I also love freezer meal prep, you know, prepping your meals up ahead of time to make dinner time a snap! I have compiled a list here of a few of my fave Keto freezer meal prep ideas. I hope this helps someone out!


First off, I stock my freezer with super low carb/healthy veggies (cauliflower rice, brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli, green beans, bell peppers,etc). I freeze up bell peppers in halves and also in thin sliced rings. The box in this pic is of individual sausage patties (easy to take out just one or two and defrosted quickly).

So here’s the list of dinners I prepped for, with recipes included below.

  1. BBQ Pulled Pork (slow cooker) serve with homemade keto coleslaw
  2. Italian Meatballs (served with cheesy Italian spaghetti sauce over spaghetti squash)
  3. Fajita Chicken pieces (in one freezer bag with seasonings) and thin sliced onion and bell peppers (in another bag) Serve with lettuce, tomato, cheddar and sour cream as a fajita salad
  4. Creamed Beef Tips (slow cooker) serve with Cauliflower Rice and Steamed Asparagus
  5. Crispy BBQ Chicken Tenders
  6. Beef Patties (to use for hamburgers or Hamburger steaks)
  7. Chili (serve with crispy cheese bites)


BBQ Pulled Pork

1 1/2 pounds boneless pork loin (with some fat on it)

1/4c beef broth

1/4 c Sugar Free BBQ sauce (I love G Hughes Smokehouse Sugar Free BBQ sauce, find it at WalMart)

Tsp or two liquid smoke

Tsp or two onion powder and garlic powder

Place the meat into a gallon size freezer bag. In measure cup or bowl mix rest of ingredients together. Pour over meat and place in fridge or freezer.

Slow cook for 5-7 hours on low. Shred and serve with more sauce and coleslaw (or your choice Keto friendly side).

You can double or triple the amounts and make up several bags, if you like.


Keto Coleslaw

1 Bag Slaw Mix (I prefer the tri-color myself)

1/4c Mayo (I love Dukes!)

1/4c Apple Cider Vinegar

Tsp Stevia

Dash Salt and Pepper (to your liking)

In a measure cup add the vinegar, mayo, stevia, salt and pepper. Dump the slaw mix into a large bowl. Add the measure cup contents to the slaw, it’ll be a bit dry. Let sit for an hour or so. Add a bit more mayo if desired.



Italian Keto Meatballs

1lb ground beef

1lb ground Italian sausage

2 eggs

1/2c Parmesan cheese (the canned powdered kind)

Garlic powder and onion powder as desired.

Mix all ingredients together, use a small scooper to form small meatballs. Place onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze until hardened and place into freezer bag.

These can be baked and used to make spaghetti squash and meatballs marinara or just eaten as a snack.

This recipe can also be doubled or tripled and kept in the freezer.


Freezer Friendly Chicken Fajitas

1lb chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces

1/2 package fajita season

Cilantro, finely chopped, few tablespoons, as you like to taste

Juice of 1 lime

Place into freezer bag and freeze or refrigerate until use. You may double or triple the batch and freeze multiple bags up.

Thaw out and saute in a little olive oil until cooked. Add onions and bell peppers if desired. Serve with low carb tortillas or in a Fajita Salad.



Creamed Beef Tips


1 1/2 pounds Beef stew meat

2Tbsp Butter (I love Kerry Gold)

2Tbsp worcestire sauce

Black pepper, as you like

1/4c beef broth


Add all to freezer bag. Freeze until ready to use. Place in slow cooker and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Shred up and add 2 Tbsp Heavy whipping cream and another 1 Tbsp butter.

Serve over cauliflower rice. I serve with steamed asparagus. This is one of my faves!!



Crispy BBQ Chicken Tenders

1lb chicken tenderloin strips

1/2 bag BBQ flavor Pork Rinds

1 Tbsp Poultry Season

1/4c heavy whipping cream

2 eggs

Tbsp or two water

Cut chicken tenders into two pieces. In shallow dish add cream, eggs and water. Whisk together well.

Place pork rinds into gallon zip top bag. Crush until pretty fine. Add seasoning to bag.

Dredge chicken into cream mixture, then into the crumbs. Place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze until hard, then place into freezer bag. You can double or triple this recipe and make more to keep on hand.

When ready to use, bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes, until cooked through.

I dip these in Siracha Ranch (ranch dressing mixed with Siracha sauce) or SF BBQ sauce.




Beef Patties

2lb ground beef

Form into 8 patties, freeze on cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. When frozen solid place into freezer bag.

Use for burgers or for making hamburger steak



Hamburger Steak

4 patties beef

8oz sliced mushrooms, any type you like

1 small onion, sliced thin

2Tbsp  Worcestire sauce

2Tbsp Butter

2Tbsp Heavy Cream

Salt and pepper to taste

Saute beef patties, add remaining ingredients and cook until veggies are softened. I serve over cauliflower rice with a veggie side, like green beans.




Freezer Chili

1lb cooked crumbled/cooked ground beef

2-  16oz can crushed tomatoes

1 can dark red kidney beans (rinsed and drained well) then chopped coursely

Chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, to taste (or chili seasonings of your choice)

Add all to a freezer bag and keep in freezer until ready to use. Thaw and place in slow cooker, cook on low 4-6 hours.  Add a bit of water if needed, sometimes it gets a bit dry/thick.

Serve with sour cream, cheddar, or crispy cheese crackers.



Crispy Cheese Crackers

1 Pkg Ultra Thin Sargento Cheese, cut into 4 small squares

Place onto cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake at 300 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. They’ll look burnt. Let cool off, then transfer to a cooking rack. Let sit out for a few hours. Store in a paper bag in cool dry area.

I love these! I think they taste just like cheese-it crackers.


Well there you have it! Some of my fave Keto Freezer Meals!

I’d love to hear from you! Let me know what meals your family loves! Talk to me about Keto, or just Freezer Cooking in general!

Have a blessed rest of your week!






Say What? Getting to Know Coupon Lingo

So, you’re learning to coupon, you find some web sites listing great deals, but what does MM mean? What about BOGO? YMMV? Say what??

I’m here to help! I’ve listed here the most used coupon lingo and what it means. Q Lingo


The most common-

Q= coupon

MQ= manufactures coupon

IP=internet printable

BOGO= Buy one get one free

ISO= is seeking out/in search of

MM= money maker (deals that make you $)

GC= gift card

PP= PayPal (how they want to be paid)

PPFF= PayPal friends and family (again preferred payment method)

TIA= thanks in advance

HTH=hope this helps

LMK= let me know

MIR= mail in rebate

RC= rain check

OYNO= on you next order (purchase)

WYB= when you buy

YMMV= your milage may vary, basically means that all stores/locations may vary a bit on what they’ll allow. For example if an item is on sale BOGO, some stores allow you to use 2 Q, some only allow 1 Q. A deal scenario all listed out doesn’t mean it’ll always work out that way.

Coupon Sources: If you see a number with RP/SS/PG it usually means the date the Q was in the paper. RP 9/3 would mean the coupon was in the Red Plum from September 3rd.

RP= red plum

PG= proctor/gamble

SS= smart source

Peelie= coupon that is peeled off a product

Blinkie= coupon that was found in a blinkie machine in store

HangTag= Coupon found on a product hanging (think bottles)

Cat= Catalina is a coupon that prints at certain stores with your reciept


So, next time you’ve found some great deals, but need help deciphering it all, just use my handy list!

I hope all have a blessed day! I have been in prayer for all those being affected by hurricanes and wildfires. God bless!





Junkin it Up!! DIY Coat Rack from an Old Door


So I had an old door- I love old doors, oh heck- I love almost anything old! I just love to find new purpose for old things. I love that they have a story to tell- I hate to see things discarded and considered useless.

So the old door here is laying across a wooden pen with lattice sides (pay no mind to my crazy work space!) This door was in an old house that has been torn down. It’s solid wood with a glass pane window. I decided this would make a lovely coat rack for near my back entryway. This is where we pile into with coats and hats and boots- so it’ll be of good use seeing as that area has no  closet. (Living in old houses does have a few drawbacks!)

I started by using heavy grit sandpaper and sanding it down.


Once I had it nice and smooth, I cleaned the window well with alcohol and let it air dry. I then taped off around it (I added a width of newspaper to avoid getting the chalkboard paint onto the wood) and added chalkboard paint to the window area. (I used a spray chalkboard paint- bought at Home Depot)


Once the chalkboard paint was good and dry (I waited til the next day) I used a can of flat interior paint, I then placed about a cup of paint into a red solo cup, stirred in 1Tbsp  of Pottery Plaster (from Hobby Lobby) and about 1/4c water. Stirred really well until smooth. Brushed onto my door.

I then let this dry well (waited til the next day) I then sanded lightly with fine grit sandpaper in a few spots, to give it some character. I then used a small foam brush and added a bit of dark color stain to the sanded areas, wiping off excess. It turned out really cute!


Finally I added 5 cast iron hooks to the door. I found these while checking out a store for wedding stuff for my daughters’ wedding. They are very heavy made (neat, although they are not antique- just made to look it)


So there you have it! I was happy with the results! I think it’s going to look great on my wall- just gotta get that area redone now! Another project!!

I hope all are having a blessed year thus far! Mine is going great, just really fast! We will be counting down to Christmas before long!

Have a Blessed Day!


Antique Quilts- Another of my Obsessions!

Okay so I have an affinity for old quilts- the older and heavier the better. I love them because they were hand made so long ago with so much love, I love them because they are heavy- stuffed with real cotton, and I just love them because!


Here are some quilts piled onto an old wooden crate. I just really love antiques in general!


I find quilts at junk stores, yard sales, estate sales, and the like. For me looking for any antique item is like treasure hunting, you just never know where or what you’ll find. Or what great deal you’ll stumble across.


The above quilt is a real beauty! This one my son found for me while at an estate sale with his dad. He bought it for me and it’s my favorite quilt. It is in pristine condition, having been displayed on a quest room bed for many years. I love that the colors are muted and gentle. I love that is has beautiful scalloped edges. I love that the pieces are ever so tiny and all the patterns coordinate perfectly. It is simply stunning!


This one is another gem! It was found at a yard sale, for a super awesome price of just 5 bucks!  This one is lighter weight quilt, not the super heavy feel of most old quilts. I love the bright, whimsical colors and pattern on this one.

DSC_0006Here is the edging – so pretty!


I had to include my soft and fluffy, new quilt my mom made for me just recently. It has lots of fabric scraps from when I was a kid, which makes me smile. My mom sewed for us throughout the years, shorts, pajamas, dresses, etc. She saved all her scraps (it’s where I get that from) and she uses each of “our” fabrics to make us quilts. She made this one in the bubble style, meaning each square is fluffy and soft.

So what are some things you love to hunt for and collect? I would love to hear comments from you! My daughter and I are going to look at a wedding venue today, I think it’ll be the place she gets married! We are on the countdown now, September 19th will be here before I know it! I hope all have a very blessed day!!


Busy Springtime!

So after my little hiatus, I am back! Spring is a very busy time and boy have I been busy! The bunnies got moved into their individual pens (we had 2 females and a male in 1 large pen, or so we thought. Turned out we had 2 males and a female.) With baby critters, it’s sometimes very hard to tell. So, new game plan is to breed our female with male A, then raise up a female from that litter to breed with male B. Our plan is to be eating more of our own grown/raised food.

Speaking of our own food, eating real food is difficult in that it requires much more of an effort. I am struggling, but still working on it. Grabbing convenience “junk” is much easier, but I know the real stuff is so much better health wise for us. I am still cooking and eating better, not drinking much soda at all, just eating out a bit more than I would like. A work in progress, sometimes 1 step forward 2 steps back, but it’s not a race.

We went out hunting for morel mushrooms a few weeks ago and I got tick fever, so I have been down and not able to do much. I go to work, then come home and go to sleep. Normally I do not sleep in nor do I ever nap, but this past week, all I want to do is sleep. Feel like I am missing out, but just too worn out to care! I have a few more days of meds, then from what I hear I will feel bad for like a month to 6 weeks, ugh! Prayers my way would be very much appreciated!

The gardens have been tilled up thanks to my sweet hubby. We have potatoes and onions already going and will be planting warmer weather plants this weekend. I have planted some new fruit trees and have a few grape starts to plant also this weekend. Excited for gardening season!

Well friends, I hope all have a very blessed week! Smile at someone today, it’s contagious! God Bless!


Spring has Sprung!!


I just had to get out in the yard and snap a few pics! I just love spring time.


Here are just some weeds- still beautiful- which just goes to prove that God makes beauty all around us- sometimes in unexpected places- we just have to pay attention and appreciate it.


And last but not least- some clover-  I am betting there is a four leaf one in there somewhere! So I am sending good luck to you!

Have a blessed week and go out and find beauty in some unexpected place- and smile when you see it and thank God for all the wonderful things in life!


Fridge Door Makeover- From Messy to Sleek in No Time!

PicMonkey Collage

So here you have the entire process- my messy fridge door before, the supplies I used and the after pics all in a neat little collage.

I was tired of seeing the front of my fridge look so messy all the time, so thanks to Pinterest and some great ideas, I decided to tackle my fridge door.

Here is what we started with- a messy jumble of junk!


I started by removing everything from it, to start with a blank slate. I bought 4 frames and some dry erase markers from the Dollar Tree and a package of magnets from Walmart.


So total spent on this project was 7 bucks, not bad for a sleek new area.


I started by removing the back stand from each frame.


I then hot glued small magnets on each corner of the frame- making sure not to cover the opening on the back for adding pics.


Here it is all finished. Now I already had the large clip magnet, but it had a medication ad on it (I used to work at a clinic-lol)  so I used spray paint to tie it in with the frames. I can use this to hang notes and reminders. I have added pics to the frames, which can be changed out easily. The larger frame I just turned the paper around in it for a white background. I will use it a dry erase board, for dinner planners and grocery lists.

So if your fridge is looking a crazy mess, give this a try!

Hope all have a blessed weekend and a very blessed Easter!


Spruce Up For Spring DIY Projects- Part 1

So Springtime is here- yeah!! I love this time of year, with exception to the increase in pollen and my darned allergies, anyways. So I decided I needed to start sprucing up my porch a bit, this will be Part One of this, Post Two will follow.

So, my list of projects are this:

1. Recover my chair cushions

2. Hang new windchimes (one of which I made)

3. Welcome Banner on the fence

4. Planting some flowers in pots to set around

5 New outdoor art (also made by me)


So here you see my fabric banner, that proclaims- “Welcome”.  It is made from a duck fabric, sewed onto simply ripped strips of a cotton fabric. I just literally ripped strips of the blue fabric, then tied them together. I then sewed the banner triangles onto it. I then used a fabric paint to stencil the letters onto the banner. So simple, cheap and easy- yet such a nice touch to an outdoor space.

DSC_0009Here is a view of the banner with my furniture.

Now that furniture is what I am wanting to make new covers for. The print of the fabric doesn’t go with my cheerful color pallet I have in mind. So that will be featured in Part 2 of my Spruce Up For Spring DIY. Stay tuned!

DSC_0028Garden Art

Here is a little garden art project that I did. I think it turned out just dandy! I just took an old chair leg (bought the chair for like 5 bucks- it was falling apart- but I had a plan!) painted it brown. Took some old rusty tin metal, had my super sweet and handy hubby cut out the wings for me (used an old ceiling fan blade for the pattern, but you could certainly free-hand it- I am just not that talented!) I then used some spray paint and painted it a bright blue color.  I screwed the wings onto the back of the chair leg, then added the cute little antennas (which are just an old spring I stretched out and cut in half). I drilled 2 holes in the top, placed my antennas and added some clear glue (E6000). Now to get the hubs to hang it for me!

DSC_0025Homemade windchime!

I was out by the barn and saw a pile of junk bound for the scrapyard when I spotted this gem (well the top part anyways!) It was an old heat lamp top, the lamp had died and so it got tossed into the scrap pile, until I saved it! I drilled some holes around the bottom edge, added these awesome beads to some heavy gauge wire and viola! Now note that all those beads were an eclectic mix of stuff we have had since my daughters bead obsession back in the 3rd grade. I always keep junk, because you never know when it’ll come together to make an awesome/funky art project.


I added old fork tines and broken jewelry junk pieces to the bottom for a nice clinking sound. I am not sure if I am done yet or if I wanna add something to it yet. Stick around for Part 2 to find out!

DSC_0030See that little green sprout? Excitement!

I love spring- the flowers, the rain, the new beginnings and baby animals. Just a great time to remember all God has done for us. I hope all have a blessed rest of the week and weekend- have a happy Easter with your loved ones!


Finding Your Content Place………And Staying There!

Since I haven’t really written about contentment lately, I decided it was about time! In life, I am at a constant place of striving for contentment, sometimes right there and sometimes just off. So it got me to thinking about what it takes to get to that point of contentment, and how to remain there. I mean contentment boils down to happiness and we are all in search of that. So, what makes you feel content with your life? And how do you remain at that very point?

I am going to share a few ways I find more peace/contentment in life, and ways I remain in that state (or attempt to anyways!)

The first thing is to NOT “keep up with the jones” or anyone else for that matter! Trying to measure your self against others in terms of stuff just doesn’t work. There will always be someone who has more than you, and that’s okay. I try to look at it like this, a big/fancy home with three new cars in the drive doesn’t mean the people inside are  any happier than I am. It simply means they have more stuff (and more taxes too!) If you have what you need in life, you are blessed!

Second, stay out of the stores! I mean have you ever noticed that when you go somewhere “just to browse” you end up with more stuff? Or another example- you are having hamburgers for dinner, but you forgot the buns on your weekly shopping trip. So, you run into the grocery store, just for the buns and walk out with 5 items. Right? So you’re asking, what would I do? Well, eat the burgers on bread or a lettuce wrap would be the first thought, but if I must have those buns, I would take only the amount of money it takes to pay for hamburger buns into the store with me. No extra money with me would mean only what I went into the store for.

Third, remember that many people worldwide are very happy with so much less than what you have right now. It doesn’t take stuff to make you happy/content. Overpriced junk can never fill a void inside. Time with my kids and husband put a bigger smile on my face than stuff ever could.

And the last one which is the most important- my faith in Christ makes me one very content gal! Knowing that Jesus died just for a scoundrel like myself makes me very thankful. I try to remember at least daily to thank God for all I have been blessed with. And as I am thanking Him for all I have, it makes me realize just how much it really is. I mean nothing else on earth can offer me eternal life in heaven but the blood of Christ, and for that I am the most content.

I hope all have a very blessed day! We are starting our shortened spring break tomorrow and for that I am thankful! I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and am planning on looking at the local thrift stores for some new summer clothes while I am nearby. My real food eating continues to go well, still not really drinking soda, which is a great thing. Eating many more fruits and veggies too.