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Hiking to Hawk’s Bill Crag

hbc edit2

  Isn’t that just breathtaking? This place was so beautiful, I decided it needed it’s own post here on my blog!

   See those tiny dark specks at the edge of the rock? Yeah, well that’s my son and a friend of his.  I tagged along on this hike, because Hawk’s Bill Crag was on my bucket list.

hbc edit1

 Here’s my son, Nicholas, overlooking the valley below. This rock is not Hawk’s Bill (also known as Whitaker Point)  but a smaller rock along the trail. there are many beautiful rock formations along the way.

   hbc edit 3

  Here is another pic of my son, sitting exactly where they tell you not to! And I am holding my camera, a ways off, yelling “Back up! You’re not supposed to go that far out!” like the worry-wart momma that I am. He and his friend find this amusing and are yelling back “Get good pics!”.  So I am hurriedly snapping photos yelling, “Okay, got them, now get back!”

   All teasing aside, the websites say it is not safe to go to the tip (the lower dip just where my son is sitting here) so please follow that, not the whim of teenage boys! I myself didn’t go anywhere near the edge, I am so afraid of heights. I wasn’t even going to venture out to the crag, but my son insisted I conquer my fear and go. I did and it felt great, even from my way far back vantage point. And my son took photos to prove it.

hbc edit4

That’s me there, the one further away from the edge! It was such a rush looking out over all that beautiful nature. I was in awe.

   Now we went towards the end of winter, which was nice weather wise, but not scenery wise. Albeit still gorgeous, I know colors would’ve been amazing in spring or fall. I plan to return this fall to see it again, when my daughter and son-in-law can go, and maybe I’ll talk my hubby into it to. He’s not much of a hiker, but for this view he might go along.

   I’m going to share links to the Harrison Web page, which has good information about getting to Whitaker Point trail head. I’m also sharing the link to Roadtrippers, which has some reviews as well as some pictures.

   A few tips from me to you:

1. There are no bathrooms at the trail head, so plan accordingly. I was assuming there was at least a camp-type potty, so I drank a ton of water and coffee, oops!

2. The road is like a “pig trail”, not much of a road and pretty steep, rough, and narrow.

3. The trail is steep, so if you’re like me and a bit outta shape, you may need to stop for breaks along the way. No worries though, there are lots of awesome scenic spots you’ll want to stop and look at anyways.

 I live in rural Arkansas and am always looking for new places to go and see within my area. Go out and explore where you live! Or if you’re visiting Arkansas, look at the state park websites, there are so many awesome places to go and see! These type of activities are not only fun, but frugal as well. And what a great therapy to boot!

   Happy Hiking!! God Bless Y’all!

Family Vacations

Silver Dollar City Fun!

So my family lives within a few hours drive of Branson Missouri, home to many fun things to see and do. One of our all time favorites throughout the years is to visit Silver Dollar City, an old time themed park. We love that is is a beautiful setting, it has lots of fun rides, and we love the shows and arts/crafts.


Now a friend once joked about it being called “Steal you dollar City” because it can be pricey. It is expensive as far as “things to do”, but even Ms Frugal here will tell you, for the value it is worth the money to go if your family enjoys theme parks like mine does.

I am going to go through why it’s a good value for us, and also how I make it an even better value:

1. Tickets- they are right at $60 each for adults and teens- If you happen to eat at McDonalds’ they are printing SDC coupons for $5 off each ticket up to 2 tickets. We grouped up and paid separately to save $25 on our groups tickets this way.

water ride

2. Get there when the gates open to extend your time in the park, also check for any dates with extended hours, they normally close at like 8, but we went on an open til midnight date- score! Now we took a little break- left and came back- just be sure you hold onto your tickets for re-admission.  Plus as  a bonus the rides are so much funner at dark!

3. Food- I always tote a beach bag with me- packed with frozen Gatorade and water- and snacks such as dried fruit and nuts. We snack throughout the morning, then maybe grab some food mid afternoon. The frozen bottles thaw throughout the day, staying nice and cold. We also have the hard plastic cups from Silver Dollar City from 11 years ago- we just wash and bring back in the tote bag. They cost around $12 to buy, but you can get refills of soda or the ever yummy “specialty drinks” such as frozen lemonade and slushies for just a few bucks. So keep those cups if you plan to return!

4. Shows- we always check to see what kind of great shows are being offered- and get in line early! The tickets for the park cover the shows too- so don’t miss out on those! This year was the Harlem Globetrotters. We have also seen Circus on Ice, BMX trick riding and my favorite- the Wallenda family (featuring Nick Wallenda who tightrope walked across Niagara Falls!)


5. Last is that the ticket price lasts all day- if you break it down hourly- even for just 8 hours that’s just around 8 bucks an hour for family fun and entertainment. Not too shabby! You can also upgrade to get season passes or to make it a 2 day pass for additional fees.


Now I did not get paid to write this article- my family has just been going here for many years and we enjoy it. I hope all have a wonderful fun filled summer!

Where are places you and your family love to go? I would love to hear from you!