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DIY Spoon Necklace- Frugal Fun


I got into a crafting mood, so I pulled out my spoons and stamps and decided to make a few new spoon necklaces!

These are super easy to make and cost so little, yet they are too cute and make great gifts. This one above I made using a spoon I bought at a thrift store, a wing from the craft store (8 in a pkg for $2) and then I have a chain I use for all my different “spoons” and charms, but to get a new one would cost just a buck or so. (I get them on sale at Hobby Lobby in a pkg of 2)

Now my art creations are not perfect by any means- I have fun with it and make stuff I love. They are usually for me or a family member or friend.


This one was hard to get a great photo of, it says “Make it Count”

This is a great example of my “imperfect” style, I started out by hammering the spoon flat and then buffing it smooth. Then I flubbed up and messed up the lettering on the top part of the spoon! Oh was I mad at myself. It then sat for months in the “junk” pile of my crafty junk. Tonight while working on more spoons, I saw this one, then had an idea. What if I just “covered” my oops with a pretty?

It worked- I re-stamped the words on the lower half, then placed a pretty heart over my mistake on the upper half. The cute little heart was a piece of broken jewelry from my daughter (I keep all that junk, cuz you just never know!) I used some crystal clear E600 glue to adhere it to the spoon. Viola! Cuteness!


My messy work area- I hammer on the porch or out in the shop, depending upon my mood!


After I hammer the spoon down flat, I use the hand stamping tools to add letters. I then use some of my scrapbooking ink to add depth to the letters. I apply the ink to the spoon, then use a paper towel to wipe off excess. The letters have better visibility that way.

DSC_0033This is the ink I use.

DSC_0039Another pic!


So to re-cap: Get some funky cool spoons, hammer flat, buff out, using a hand stamp system- add quotes, Bible verses, names, etc. , use ink to add depth, cut down and bend the handle over to hold the chain (keep for use as a charm if it’s pretty!), add baubles if you like, place it on chain of your liking and you will be getting requests from your friends and family!

I hope all are having a wonderful week so far- I am! I worked today in my office, getting paperwork ready for next school year, then came home and played in the garden a bit, and then made a few pretties!  God Bless!

Crafty Fun

DIY Hand Stamped Necklace- A First Attempt

So I have been seeing all this cute hand stamped jewelry out there, even ordered some antique spoon necklaces that were hand stamped as Christmas gifts from Etsy. I am just in love with all the cuteness!

So, my sweet hubby reminds me that he has the stamping stuff for making dog tags ( he used to coon hunt when we first got married- yes that’s a real thing!) So I grabbed some metal washers today and some inexpensive chain for making necklaces and off I went!

So this is a first attempt and I must say it was a bit harder than I though it’d be!


I started with just a few washers from the hardware store, a chain set from walmart in the crafting section (I bought a very inexpensive AKA cheap!because I wasn’t sure it would turn out at all!), some leftover pieces of broken jewelry collected over the years and the handy dandy engraving set!

DSC_0164  Right here!!

I wasted a few washers just trying to get the letters straight and looking good. The one I made for this necklace says FRIEND and will be a Christmas gift for someone special!


I am not really sure how much hand stamping stuff is, never really have looked. I was just glad I mentioned liking the hand stamped necklaces to my hubby because I had forgotten he had this!


I saved an old set of silverware that I though could be used for some type of craft project and now I am excited to try a spoon necklace that is hand stamped! ( I will keep you posted as to how that goes!)

I love to try new things, even when they don’t turn out as easy or as perfect as I expect them to. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and have a blessed week to come!!

Crafty Fun

From Trash to Treasure- Ways to Organize That Won’t Cost You a Fortune!

So we all have that craft area that desperately needs to be more organized, but who wants to spend all their money on items to organize? Not me, which is why I try to use “found” items that work for storage solutions.

Here a great 1st grade teacher I work with knew how much I hate things to be wasted- she brought me these 2 nifty containers! (They were the boxes to some educational puzzles she was using- but didn’t want them in these containers)


Now these are hat box style boxes with the lids that just lift off the top, these had strings, which I removed from them. I them just used a craft type spray paint in a bright aqua color.


Now I used these cute chalk board label stickers I got at Michaels’, but a word of warning- I had to use hot glue for them to stay put. The stickers although cute- do not have a strong enough adhesive to hold them onto anything that isn’t flat. Also- I use a white craft pen to write on these, the chalk smudges too much.


The final outcome is a super  cute! I will store craft supplies inside and stack these on a shelf. They will not only serve a function, but will look adorable in doing so. And I already had the paint and stickers from another project, so no cost really.

Have a wonderfully joy filled day! It is raining here and pretty cool- so Deer Chili is in the slow cooker and I am off to my sweet kiddos at school! God Bless!

Crafty Fun

Halloween Wreath- Super Easy and Inexpensive!!

Okay- so here is a wreath for Halloween that is not only a breeze to make, but also costs just $12.50 to  make!


So here’s what I used for this wreath:

1 pool noodle – 50 cents on clearance

4 spools of tulle from Hobby Lobby- $2.50 each on sale

1 bunch Halloween flowers from Dollar Tree- $1

1 mini plastic skeleton from Dollar Tree (just used the skull)- $1


So to start make cardboard letters, mine say BOO. I just used a cereal box to make these. Then I painted them black with spray paint I had on hand. I let them dry and covered them with the black tulle ribbon. (took a spool of black for this). I just wound the ribbon around the cardboard letters and tucked in the back when completely covered.

Next I took the pool noodle and formed a ring with it and taped the ends together with clear packing tape. (I would use Duct tape next time, but couldn’t find any this day!)

DSC_0002 - Copy

I then cut the remaining 3 spools of tulle ribbon ( 1 black and 2 orange) into 12″ long strips. This tulle ribbon was from Hobby Lobby and was on spools, it was 3″ wide and was on sale for $2.50 each spool.  I took the 12″ long pieces and just tied them around the wreath, 2 orange them 1 black patterned.


I did this until the entire wreath was covered tightly with the tulle ribbon.


I then added the BOO letters, the black Halloween flowers and the plastic skull decorations with hot glue. This was super easy and quick. I think it tuned out quite cute!


This project would be great for younger kids, there are many steps they can help with.

Hope all are having a fabulous day!! May God bless you!!