Say What? Getting to Know Coupon Lingo

So, you’re learning to coupon, you find some web sites listing great deals, but what does MM mean? What about BOGO? YMMV? Say what??

I’m here to help! I’ve listed here the most used coupon lingo and what it means. Q Lingo


The most common-

Q= coupon

MQ= manufactures coupon

IP=internet printable

BOGO= Buy one get one free

ISO= is seeking out/in search of

MM= money maker (deals that make you $)

GC= gift card

PP= PayPal (how they want to be paid)

PPFF= PayPal friends and family (again preferred payment method)

TIA= thanks in advance

HTH=hope this helps

LMK= let me know

MIR= mail in rebate

RC= rain check

OYNO= on you next order (purchase)

WYB= when you buy

YMMV= your milage may vary, basically means that all stores/locations may vary a bit on what they’ll allow. For example if an item is on sale BOGO, some stores allow you to use 2 Q, some only allow 1 Q. A deal scenario all listed out doesn’t mean it’ll always work out that way.

Coupon Sources: If you see a number with RP/SS/PG it usually means the date the Q was in the paper. RP 9/3 would mean the coupon was in the Red Plum from September 3rd.

RP= red plum

PG= proctor/gamble

SS= smart source

Peelie= coupon that is peeled off a product

Blinkie= coupon that was found in a blinkie machine in store

HangTag= Coupon found on a product hanging (think bottles)

Cat= Catalina is a coupon that prints at certain stores with your reciept


So, next time you’ve found some great deals, but need help deciphering it all, just use my handy list!

I hope all have a blessed day! I have been in prayer for all those being affected by hurricanes and wildfires. God bless!




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