Junkin it Up!! DIY Coat Rack from an Old Door


So I had an old door- I love old doors, oh heck- I love almost anything old! I just love to find new purpose for old things. I love that they have a story to tell- I hate to see things discarded and considered useless.

So the old door here is laying across a wooden pen with lattice sides (pay no mind to my crazy work space!) This door was in an old house that has been torn down. It’s solid wood with a glass pane window. I decided this would make a lovely coat rack for near my back entryway. This is where we pile into with coats and hats and boots- so it’ll be of good use seeing as that area has no  closet. (Living in old houses does have a few drawbacks!)

I started by using heavy grit sandpaper and sanding it down.


Once I had it nice and smooth, I cleaned the window well with alcohol and let it air dry. I then taped off around it (I added a width of newspaper to avoid getting the chalkboard paint onto the wood) and added chalkboard paint to the window area. (I used a spray chalkboard paint- bought at Home Depot)


Once the chalkboard paint was good and dry (I waited til the next day) I used a can of flat interior paint, I then placed about a cup of paint into a red solo cup, stirred in 1Tbsp  of Pottery Plaster (from Hobby Lobby) and about 1/4c water. Stirred really well until smooth. Brushed onto my door.

I then let this dry well (waited til the next day) I then sanded lightly with fine grit sandpaper in a few spots, to give it some character. I then used a small foam brush and added a bit of dark color stain to the sanded areas, wiping off excess. It turned out really cute!


Finally I added 5 cast iron hooks to the door. I found these while checking out a store for wedding stuff for my daughters’ wedding. They are very heavy made (neat, although they are not antique- just made to look it)


So there you have it! I was happy with the results! I think it’s going to look great on my wall- just gotta get that area redone now! Another project!!

I hope all are having a blessed year thus far! Mine is going great, just really fast! We will be counting down to Christmas before long!

Have a Blessed Day!

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