Busy Springtime!

So after my little hiatus, I am back! Spring is a very busy time and boy have I been busy! The bunnies got moved into their individual pens (we had 2 females and a male in 1 large pen, or so we thought. Turned out we had 2 males and a female.) With baby critters, it’s sometimes very hard to tell. So, new game plan is to breed our female with male A, then raise up a female from that litter to breed with male B. Our plan is to be eating more of our own grown/raised food.

Speaking of our own food, eating real food is difficult in that it requires much more of an effort. I am struggling, but still working on it. Grabbing convenience “junk” is much easier, but I know the real stuff is so much better health wise for us. I am still cooking and eating better, not drinking much soda at all, just eating out a bit more than I would like. A work in progress, sometimes 1 step forward 2 steps back, but it’s not a race.

We went out hunting for morel mushrooms a few weeks ago and I got tick fever, so I have been down and not able to do much. I go to work, then come home and go to sleep. Normally I do not sleep in nor do I ever nap, but this past week, all I want to do is sleep. Feel like I am missing out, but just too worn out to care! I have a few more days of meds, then from what I hear I will feel bad for like a month to 6 weeks, ugh! Prayers my way would be very much appreciated!

The gardens have been tilled up thanks to my sweet hubby. We have potatoes and onions already going and will be planting warmer weather plants this weekend. I have planted some new fruit trees and have a few grape starts to plant also this weekend. Excited for gardening season!

Well friends, I hope all have a very blessed week! Smile at someone today, it’s contagious! God Bless!

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