Fridge Door Makeover- From Messy to Sleek in No Time!

PicMonkey Collage

So here you have the entire process- my messy fridge door before, the supplies I used and the after pics all in a neat little collage.

I was tired of seeing the front of my fridge look so messy all the time, so thanks to Pinterest and some great ideas, I decided to tackle my fridge door.

Here is what we started with- a messy jumble of junk!


I started by removing everything from it, to start with a blank slate. I bought 4 frames and some dry erase markers from the Dollar Tree and a package of magnets from Walmart.


So total spent on this project was 7 bucks, not bad for a sleek new area.


I started by removing the back stand from each frame.


I then hot glued small magnets on each corner of the frame- making sure not to cover the opening on the back for adding pics.


Here it is all finished. Now I already had the large clip magnet, but it had a medication ad on it (I used to work at a clinic-lol)  so I used spray paint to tie it in with the frames. I can use this to hang notes and reminders. I have added pics to the frames, which can be changed out easily. The larger frame I just turned the paper around in it for a white background. I will use it a dry erase board, for dinner planners and grocery lists.

So if your fridge is looking a crazy mess, give this a try!

Hope all have a blessed weekend and a very blessed Easter!

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