Finding Your Content Place………And Staying There!

Since I haven’t really written about contentment lately, I decided it was about time! In life, I am at a constant place of striving for contentment, sometimes right there and sometimes just off. So it got me to thinking about what it takes to get to that point of contentment, and how to remain there. I mean contentment boils down to happiness and we are all in search of that. So, what makes you feel content with your life? And how do you remain at that very point?

I am going to share a few ways I find more peace/contentment in life, and ways I remain in that state (or attempt to anyways!)

The first thing is to NOT “keep up with the jones” or anyone else for that matter! Trying to measure your self against others in terms of stuff just doesn’t work. There will always be someone who has more than you, and that’s okay. I try to look at it like this, a big/fancy home with three new cars in the drive doesn’t mean the people inside are  any happier than I am. It simply means they have more stuff (and more taxes too!) If you have what you need in life, you are blessed!

Second, stay out of the stores! I mean have you ever noticed that when you go somewhere “just to browse” you end up with more stuff? Or another example- you are having hamburgers for dinner, but you forgot the buns on your weekly shopping trip. So, you run into the grocery store, just for the buns and walk out with 5 items. Right? So you’re asking, what would I do? Well, eat the burgers on bread or a lettuce wrap would be the first thought, but if I must have those buns, I would take only the amount of money it takes to pay for hamburger buns into the store with me. No extra money with me would mean only what I went into the store for.

Third, remember that many people worldwide are very happy with so much less than what you have right now. It doesn’t take stuff to make you happy/content. Overpriced junk can never fill a void inside. Time with my kids and husband put a bigger smile on my face than stuff ever could.

And the last one which is the most important- my faith in Christ makes me one very content gal! Knowing that Jesus died just for a scoundrel like myself makes me very thankful. I try to remember at least daily to thank God for all I have been blessed with. And as I am thanking Him for all I have, it makes me realize just how much it really is. I mean nothing else on earth can offer me eternal life in heaven but the blood of Christ, and for that I am the most content.

I hope all have a very blessed day! We are starting our shortened spring break tomorrow and for that I am thankful! I have an eye doctor appointment tomorrow and am planning on looking at the local thrift stores for some new summer clothes while I am nearby. My real food eating continues to go well, still not really drinking soda, which is a great thing. Eating many more fruits and veggies too.

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