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Help! I am Addicted to my Debit Card!!

Okay so regression would be where I am at with the cash only system. This past week was so crazy busy, I just used my debit for everything, and big surprise- spent more than I had planned.

See, I hate to admit this, but on the weekends, I just swipe away, and look at my balance Monday morning (or Tuesday morning-oops!) Then when I see how much we actually spent (past tense) there is nothing I can do but complain.

So we start another week, and I am going to try very hard to make it work this time danggit! I know from past experience it works if you commit to it, it’s just the darn committing that is so hard. But I am determined to get my budget under control, I will be the little engine that could- I think I can, I think I can!! (Maybe it should be I know I can, I know I can!!)

As I was typing my heading I accidentally misspelled debit, omitting the i, which made it the word debt. It made me think, yes the money I spend from my debit card comes directly out of my checking account, but if the money I spent was more than was allotted for that particular expense, in a way it is a “debt” towards the expense it was intended for. I loathe debt, so maybe if I set my mindset that overspending is really creating debt I can get a hold of this whole cash only system. Gonna give it another shot this week, wish me luck!

I am hoping all are having a wonderful week so far, mine has been busy but wonderful! God really blesses me and I am thankful for my blessings daily!  May when you count your blessings they be many! God bless and have a terrific rest of the week!


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