Thrifty Fashion

Frugal Fashion Friday!!!

NO tricks here- just finding great deals that look fabulous! The weather here has been on the warm side, but expecting a cool down starting today. I am ready to be able to wear some of my cute fall clothes without burning up. The temps have been around the mid-eighties here, not exactly boot and sweater weather!

So here is my super cute frugal fashion of the week:


I have some of my $7 jeans (which by the way are Hydraulic- which I hear is a pretty good name brand?) paired with a cute striped lightweight sweater (Coldwater Creek brand). This sweater still had the tag marked $69.99, which I about died when I saw, who in the world would ever pay that? I paid $3.50 at the local Goodwill instead. To finish off this look I am once again wearing my trusty brown boots from walmart, they were around 30 bucks last year.

So for a total for this cool weather look is a whopping $40, including the boots. Yeah!

So go forth and put your best self forward, just don’t pay too much to make said self look fabulous! I am ready for some Friday night football with my favorite team, our local Bearkatz!! Hope all have a wonderful weekend filled with loved ones. It’s fall- enjoy this beautiful time of year God has given us! God Bless!


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