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This Old House….. Looks New Again!!

Okay so when we bought our 100+ year old home 5 years ago, it was a hot mess! Green shag carpet, blue paint EVERYWHERE, popcorn ceilings, icky looking vinyl tiles, gold flecked countertops, and the list could go on and on!

We remodeled for a few thousand dollars by doing all the work ourselves and making choices that were less expensive. Now I know you could “upgrade” everything, but honestly it is an old home, it’s comfy.cozy and homey. And I like it that way!

Here is a before of the kitchen- notice that beautiful blue paint I mentioned? It was literally everywhere in the house.


So we removed the vinyl tile that was there, removed the counters and backsplash, de-popcorned the ceilings, removed the old light fixtures, and removed the old sink and faucets. We replaced the flooring with an updated vinyl tile that looks like tile, we re-painted the kitchen cabinets with a beige oil-based paint, added new hinges and cabinet hardware, added backsplash and new counters,new light fixture, new sink and faucet, and we bleached down the appliances.


We just recently added this fabulous island!


Now our dining room is an eat-in dining room- just beside our kitchen- nothing fancy here! It got the same vinyl tile added, paint and a new light fixture. So not a lot of work here- but amazing what paint can do!


Here is a full view-


Now in my dining room I added a bench seat with my table and chairs for added seating. This old trunk was made by a good friends grandfather years ago, and I still love it! I added some pillows to tie it all together.

Now the living room is just off the kitchen/dining area- all one big room really. It got new paint, we pulled up the nasty carpet to reveal old hardwood floors, which my hubby buffed down and restained, also we added new light fixtures. Oh and de-popcorned the ceilings too!

Here is before:


Thats my son- helping scrape the ceilings!

Here is after:


So there you have a few rooms of the house remodel. We live in a small/cozy/homey/old home that fits us well. I like things with history and our home has over 100 years of it!

Hope all you guys have a blessed week ahead!  Enjoy all that is around you- be content! God Bless!!


4 thoughts on “This Old House….. Looks New Again!!”

  1. Whenever we do any remodeling, we always leave a little note or something personal behind the walls or under flooring etc. That way, if ever we sell or open the walls back up, we can have a nice surprise. 🙂 It will let the new homeowners now a little about who we are.


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